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 Christmas 2007


             We hope this letter finds our family and friends well.

             Anna is now in Second Grade and continues to do well in the Montessori program.  However her school is being reconstructed and the entire student body was moved to an alternate location.  There were structural problems at the alternate location and the whole school was moved to a third location in November.  Anna has also enjoyed her activities outside of school.  She has been involved in gymnastics, soccer and Irish dancing.

             Our church family at New Life Assembly had a great year.  The church called a new pastor and has been experiencing a new sense of Godís direction and presence.  Our family is feeling a renewed sense of call to the church and excitement over this urban ministry.

             This summer Diana experienced successful back surgery to alleviate a persistent and near debilitating disk herniation.  The recovery has been slow, but the improvement is significant.  Diana is thrilled to be going on walks again.  She continues to enjoy her part time work at Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled and her volunteer work with Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

             Davidís second year as Principal at Lovejoy Discovery School #43 continues to be rewarding and challenging.  The school has made appreciable gains in Math and English Language Arts scores and the climate has improved significantly.  The students and teachers at School #43 are wonderful to work with.  David has continued to do sermons once in a while as a member of the church Eldership team.

             This summer our family was able to take a week long vacation for the first time in several years.  We stopped by Cooperstown for the Borchert (Dianaís family) Family Reunion and spent a week at a cabin in the Adirondacks.  It was a joy for Diana to be recovered enough to hike and enjoy the outdoors.  Our fun week was made complete by having a surprise visit at the campground by a baby bear.

             We wish you all of Godís blessings in 2008.


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